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We help you reach your true health potential.

The body is a work of art that is unique for each individual. It is also a sophisticated machine that works best when you support the different areas of your health together. With each Healthover, we connect the dots between your chronic health symptoms and lifestyle habits to create a personalized health plan that naturally helps you look and feel your best!


What is a Healthover? It’s like a makeover—For your health.

Each Healthover begins with a detailed health questionnaire, followed by a consultation over phone, skype, or e-mail. We then tailor-make a Healthover Handbook for you, focusing on natural therapies and lifestyle recommendations. With a multi-symptom approach, we help you reduce chronic health symptoms, enjoy preventive health, and feel inner-outer vitality.


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Picture It: You wake up and start getting ready for your day. How do you feel?

For many people, the first moments of the day can feel stressful and tiring before anything happens. Days, months, and years of stress and low energy can accumulate to the point where chronic symptoms feel like a constant companion without any break. Click through the slides below to see if chronic health symptoms are getting in the way of your health, energy, and vitality and read more about how Healthovers can help.

Do you feel tired with low energy, having trouble sleeping, or battling constant worries? woman-tired-polaroid
Are you feeling out of touch with healthy lifestyle habits related to diet, exercise, sleep, stress relief, and looking and feeling good? polaroid-designs-man-bed
Do your digestion and mood feel irritable frequently? polaroid-designs-woman-irritable
Are you experiencing cold hands, tight neck and shoulder muscles, or chronic aches and pains? polaroid-designs-woman-shoulder-pain
Do you deal with frequent allergies and/or colds from a lowered immune system? polaroid-designs-woman-tissue
Is your weight creeping up and your skin acting out more than usual? polaroid-designs-weight-scale
Do you miss seeing a youthful glow and appearance when you look in the mirror? polaroid-designs-woman-in-mirror
Do your hormones feel out of balance with symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, low sex drive, PMS, menopause symptoms, or andropause? polaroid-designs-tipped-scales
Are you feeling the effects of high stress, low motivation, and an overwhelming plate of things to do? polaroid-designs-man-overworked
Can’t remember the last time you had fun or enjoyed a favorite activity (or had enough energy for it)?… polaroid-designs-question-mark

Today’s modern day health dilemma is that many people feel two or more of these chronic symptoms—almost every day. If you feel this way, it’s time to take back your health by getting a Healthover.

What is a Healthover? Healthovers are personalized health and lifestyle plans designed to help you not only feel, but also to look your best!

Healthovers help you move past chronic symptoms so that you can enjoy good health—the way you want. Chronic conditions don’t just happen on their own. They are often surrounded by clusters of other physical and mental-emotional symptoms that are unique to each individual. A Healthover connects the dots between your main symptoms to help you look at the “big picture” and support each area of your health. Supporting the connected parts of the body helps you reduce and eliminate chronic health symptoms, achieve overall mind-body health, feel better, and look better!

What types of conditions improve after you get a Healthover? Read the list below to learn more, and feel free to visit our Services page or Contact us with any questions.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — Fatigue, aches and pains, and cold-like symptoms.

Chronic Stress — Feeling physically and mentally worn out, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Mental-emotional Health — Anxiety, irritability, depression, or mood swings.

Digestive Complaints — Indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, or irritable bowel.

Sleep Issues — Trouble falling or staying asleep, feeling unrefreshed in the mornings.

Weight Gain — Excess weight gain that is hard to shed.

Chronic Pain — Constant aches and pains in muscles and/or joints.

Fibromyalgia — Hypersensitive pain in the muscles.

Skin Issues — Symptoms such as acne, eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis.

Hormone Imbalances — PMS, irregular cycles, menopause. Low testosterone in men.

Blood Sugar Imbalance — Insulin resistance, diabetes, or fatigue surrounding meals.

Thyroid Issues — Fatigue, sensitivity to hot/cold, foggy mind, weight gain, dry skin.

Low Libido — Low sex drive for men or women from hormone imbalance.

Low Immune System — Frequent allergies or colds.

Autoimmune Conditions — Thyroid, arthritis, and other types of autoimmunity.

Candida Overgrowth — Frequent yeast infections or high sugar diet.

Detoxification — Fatigue, skin conditions, and hypersensitive organ systems.

woman eating appleHealth, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We look at ourselves not only in terms of appearance, but also in how we picture out health. When you feel good, you look good too and you can face your life and your health with more confidence and energy.

At Healthovers, we pay attention to helping you achieve the best health and beauty you can in a synergistic way. We focus on the connections between lifestyle factors, physical health, mind-body health, and beauty.

With each of our packages, our key is to help you achieve a makeover from the inside-out and vice versa. The overall effect is health and vitality that benefits you in both the short-term and the long-term.

You don’t have to wait to look and feel the way that you want—everything you need to be healthy is in you, and Healthovers can help you tap into it. Whether you are looking to improve a skin condition such as acne or eczema, lose weight, reduce under eye circles, or just feel and look more youthful, a Healthover can help you get there starting today.

Visit our Services page for more information and request a free 10-minute consultation through our online Contact form.

DrP headshotAarti Patel, N.D., is the creator of Healthovers and she works with you to build each personalized Healthover. She is a licensed and board-certified naturopathic doctor in California.

Aarti created Healthovers to help make personal health care more approachable, effective, affordable and even enjoyable over the long-term. After many years of practicing naturopathy along the West Coast, Aarti saw a trend in clients’ health stories. No chronic symptom occurred isolated on its own island. There were always other health symptoms that rode alongside the main symptom that offered additional clues toward health. The symptoms formed a unique health constellation for each person.

Aarti thought, “Why not approach health in the customized style of a makeover—by creating a Healthover!Seeing the Healthovers model to be an effective approach to healthy living for both herself and her clients, Aarti wanted to create an online tool that would make personalized Healthovers easily available.

Aarti enjoys working with each person to unlock his or her unique potential for health and vitality. With a background in teaching, she picks up on individual learning styles to deliver each tailored Healthover in a way that effectively promotes long-term health. She is a firm believer that the journey toward health for each person involves learning, curiosity, and exploring the big picture. She also believes that health and beauty are closely connected, and that when you feel better, you look better too (and vice versa).

Aarti looks forward to working with you toward better health that uniquely fits you!

Questions or Comments? Contact Aarti here.


I found the Healthover process to be interesting and informative.  Prior to this exercise, I was aware of my health issues, but was completely unaware about how they were connected.  Seeing my health “constellation,” in which Dr. Patel explains how the body’s system’s are interrelated and how each point of one’s health affects another point, provided me with a big picture understanding of my health.  This understanding provided the impetus I needed to deal with a major factor in my life: stress, which was affecting hormone balance, skin health, and metabolism.

Throughout the process, Dr. Patel was accessible and helpful in providing encouragement and answers to my questions.  I also absolutely loved Dr. Patel’s practical suggestions, many of which involved making simple adjustments to what I was already doing.  Many suggestions added enjoyment to my life such as trying out new music during exercise and stretching for relaxation.  As I completed the two week distraction diet, I noted increased energy, clearer skin, and a general sense of balance and well being.  I plan on completing this two week psychological and physical cleanse several times a year!

-JN, New York