A Makeover For Your Health

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DrP headshotAarti Patel, N.D., is the creator of Healthovers and she works with you to build each personalized Healthover. She is a licensed and board-certified naturopathic doctor in California.

Aarti created Healthovers to help make personal health care more approachable, effective, affordable and even enjoyable over the long-term. After many years of practicing naturopathy along the West Coast, Aarti saw a trend in clients’ health stories. No chronic symptom occurred isolated on its own island. There were always other health symptoms that rode alongside the main symptom that offered additional clues toward health. The symptoms formed a unique health constellation for each person.

Aarti thought, “Why not approach health in the customized style of a makeover—by creating a Healthover!Seeing the Healthovers model to be an effective approach to healthy living for both herself and her clients, Aarti wanted to create an online tool that would make personalized Healthovers easily available.

Aarti enjoys working with each person to unlock his or her unique potential for health and vitality. With a background in teaching, she picks up on individual learning styles to deliver each tailored Healthover in a way that effectively promotes long-term health. She is a firm believer that the journey toward health for each person involves learning, curiosity, and exploring the big picture. She also believes that health and beauty are closely connected, and that when you feel better, you look better too (and vice versa).

Aarti looks forward to working with you toward better health that uniquely fits you!

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