A Makeover For Your Health

Picturing Health

Picture It: You wake up and start getting ready for your day. How do you feel?

For many people, the first moments of the day can feel stressful and tiring before anything happens. Days, months, and years of stress and low energy can accumulate to the point where chronic symptoms feel like a constant companion without any break. Click through the slides below to see if chronic health symptoms are getting in the way of your health, energy, and vitality and read more about how Healthovers can help.

Do you feel tired with low energy, having trouble sleeping, or battling constant worries? woman-tired-polaroid
Are you feeling out of touch with healthy lifestyle habits related to diet, exercise, sleep, stress relief, and looking and feeling good? polaroid-designs-man-bed
Do your digestion and mood feel irritable frequently? polaroid-designs-woman-irritable
Are you experiencing cold hands, tight neck and shoulder muscles, or chronic aches and pains? polaroid-designs-woman-shoulder-pain
Do you deal with frequent allergies and/or colds from a lowered immune system? polaroid-designs-woman-tissue
Is your weight creeping up and your skin acting out more than usual? polaroid-designs-weight-scale
Do you miss seeing a youthful glow and appearance when you look in the mirror? polaroid-designs-woman-in-mirror
Do your hormones feel out of balance with symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, low sex drive, PMS, menopause symptoms, or andropause? polaroid-designs-tipped-scales
Are you feeling the effects of high stress, low motivation, and an overwhelming plate of things to do? polaroid-designs-man-overworked
Can’t remember the last time you had fun or enjoyed a favorite activity (or had enough energy for it)?… polaroid-designs-question-mark

Today’s modern day health dilemma is that many people feel two or more of these chronic symptoms—almost every day. If you feel this way, it’s time to take back your health by getting a Healthover.

What is a Healthover? Healthovers are personalized health and lifestyle plans designed to help you not only feel, but also to look your best! Each one includes the following:

  • First we take a snapshot of your full health profile using a questionnaire and consultation.
  • Then we connect the dots between your physical and mental-emotional symptoms.
  • Afterward we send you a personalized Healthover to help eliminate chronic health symptoms and boost your health.

A Healthover is like a makeover—but for your health! To learn more, visit our Services page and Contact us with any questions or to receive a free 10-minute consultation.