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Healthover Plus

Healthover Plus

The Healthover Plus package gives us take a “snapshot” of your health, so we can pick a customized homeopathic remedy to re-spark your health on many levels. Read below for more info.  Package includes:

  • 1 Healthover consultation
  • 1 Homeopathic intake
  • 1 Healthover handbook
  • 1 Homeopathic remedy
  • 1 E-mail follow-up
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Product Description

Homeopathy is useful for improving energy, relieving multiple chronic symptoms on a deep level, and boosting health and vitality.

After you book your Healthover Plus package, we will send you a homeopathy questionnaire as part of your Healthover consultation. The questionnaire covers questions on not only your health, but also what uniquely makes you—you. We want to get a good picture of not only the symptoms, but also the person experiencing them. Typical questions include:

  • Main symptom(s)
  • Health history
  • Habits and preferences
  • Digestion and food cravings
  • Sleep habits
  • Favorite times of the day
  • Temperature preferences
  • Other quirks or unique traits

We’ll consult with you over e-mail or phone as well to round out your homeopathic profile. We then send you a Healthover handbook plus a homeopathic remedy that uniquely matches your specific health profile.

After one month, you will receive a follow-up form so we can check in with your symptoms and overall health. Based on your follow-up, we make updated health and homeopathy recommendations for your Healthover plan. To learn more about homeopathy, please click here.


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