A Makeover For Your Health

What We Do

What We Do

We help you reach your true health potential.

The body is a work of art that is unique for each individual. It is also a sophisticated machine that works best when you support the different areas of your health together. With each Healthover, we connect the dots between your chronic health symptoms and lifestyle habits to create a personalized health plan that naturally helps you look and feel your best!


Your body already holds the potential for health, vitality, energy, and beauty. You know it when you feel it! You also know it when you don’t feel it. Because life has its ups and downs, your health can experience challenges too along the way. A Healthover helps you grow in your health so you can feel more energized, youthful, and ready to handle whatever comes your way.

Today, chronic health symptoms show up in clusters for women and men of all ages, and these symptoms can upset your innate potential for health. Some common chronic symptoms include:


  • Fatigue/low energy
  • Digestive upset
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Skin issues
  • High stress
  • Weight gain
  • Low sex drive

Tackling these diverse symptoms without a clear plan can feel overwhelming and stressful when you’re trying to get your health back. Fortunately, your symptoms don’t have to feel random and like they’re teaming up on you. Instead, your unique set of symptoms can offer you real clues into the best way to regain health.

If you’ve wondered whether health symptoms are more than isolated events, you’re right. The body is a complex system where different areas of health imbalance affect one another to create larger clusters of symptoms. Lifestyle factors, physical health, and mental-emotional health all combine to create the “big picture” of your overall health. Linking chronic symptoms together with this multi-symptom approach offers a more effective road to optimal health than focusing on individual symptoms alone.

Are you dealing with chronic health symptoms? If so, how can you express more of your health so you can look and feel your best?


At Healthovers, we pay attention to health first.rocks and leaves

Unlike the common approach of focusing on illness, we help you build health and vitality as a first step. First we connect the dots between your symptoms, lifestyle factors, and unique health profile. Then we provide a customized Healthover including tailored lifestyle recommendations, natural therapies, stress relief, and mind-body techniques.

A healthier life naturally improves multiple chronic symptoms that are usually frustrating to treat. After getting a Healthover, you will noticeably look and feel better. Your family and friends may even ask you if you’ve gotten a new haircut or done something different with your look!

Healthovers looks at health from the inside-out and the outside-in.

We want to get the “big picture” of your unique health potential.  A Healthover looks at your main symptoms and asks, “What else?” so we can find important health clues to investigate the main sources of your health imbalance. We look at physical health, mental-emotional health, stress, and your unique symptoms put together. These puzzle pieces help point the way toward true and long-lasting health and beauty. Using a convenient and thorough Healthover questionnaire and consultation, we take a snapshot of your full health profile and health goals. Then we connect the dots between physical and mental-emotional symptoms from the intake. Afterward, you receive a personalized Healthover Handbook created by Aarti Patel, a licensed and board certified practitioner with a doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Each tailored handbook includes foundations for a healthy lifestyle, natural therapy recommendations, and a unique multi-symptom approach to looking and feeling better.


In what ways will your health improve after getting a Healthover?

white flowerRegardless of what your individual symptoms are, you will notice healthy changes in the way you feel, look, and even approach life after getting a Healthover. You will also see improvement in the chronic symptoms you’re experiencing.

The way we feel about our health extends into everyday life as well, and a Healthover takes that into account by structuring health care into your existing lifestyle and routines. The benefits will be noticeable in your physical health, mental-emotional health, and in the mirror. These include:


  • Increased energy
  • Visible vitality
  • Hormone balance
  • Digestive health
  • Better sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Weight loss
  • Increased sex drive
  • Immune strength
  • Pain relief
  • Skin health

A Healthover will help you take control of your health in a natural and effective way to achieve deep and long-lasting benefits. We help you feel better health, your way. Visit our Services page for more info, Contact us, or check out our Blog. We look forward to working with you toward better health!